Contenders Catch-Up: Korea Week 4

Each week we get you prepared for this weeks Korean Contenders action by recapping what happened the week before. If you’re looking to jump into Korean Contenders now then here are the editions from Week 1, Week 2 & Week 3.

Okay, Overwatch League is starting this week and I’ve got 12 games to watch/rewatch. What do I need to know about the big picture from Korean Contenders?

If i’m being honest this Contenders season hasn’t exactly been the most competitive season. Of the 16 games played so far this season, 11 have ended in a 3–0 with the other 5 all being 3–1. In terms of competition the pool of teams has essentially split into two. The 4 teams at the top of both groups and then everyone else. These 4 teams(Team CC, T1, Talon Esports & O2 Blast) have been dominant. The 4 of them combined have only lost 3 maps with Talon Esports still yet to lose a map.

That should hopefully change this week as all 4 of these teams will play the other top team in their group. In Group A, T1 will take on Talon Esports while in Group B Team CC go up against O2 Blast. Both of these games are vital for playoff seedings with all 4 teams in the running to get the top seed.

So the best teams are all playing each other this week? That’s neat, what happened last week though?

Hey, you ever heard of this guy called Dong-hyun “Proper” Kim? He’s pretty good. Proper’s reign of terror is nearing it’s end but until he turns 18 every team he faces is going to have to deal with him. He is the best player not in the Overwatch League. All of this Proper discussion is prompted because he was the driving force behind O2 Blast defeating Starlight Gaming 3–0. There were some jaw dropping moments from Proper throughout the map but this one in particular stood out where Proper and Park ”Junbin” Jun-bin(who has quietly wrestled the starting Main Tank spot away from Hyun-ho “YaHo” Maeng) spent a few minutes spawn camping Starlight on Blizzard World.

Whilst Proper was asserting dominance, Team CC were making some small changes to wrap up yet another 3–0 victory over Team BM. CC have probably been best know for utilizing Dong-woo “Spectra” Go’s excellent Echo in the first few weeks of the season but CC seemed to have switched over to using Ashe more and more instead of the Echo. This change has come hand in hand with CC’s usage of more Wrecking Ball compositions which have utilised Ashe to supplement the compositions lack of damage. This is whereJi-han “Ezhan” Lee comes in. Ezhan made his debut for CC last week on their Control map but played the entirety of Team CC’s win this week. His Ashe was fantastic, constantly finding angles and positions from which to pick off Team BM’s supports. His BOB’s were also quite effective.

In what was the most anticipated games of the week, Talon Esports calmly dispatched of Runaway with a 3–0 victory. Talon looked very comfortable in their victory with Min-jae “Kellan” Kim & Jun “vigilante” Kim looking excellent as Talon’s Winston based composition was able to constantly put pressure onto Runaway’s backline. Runaway leaned a little bit too heavily into their Wrecking Ball compositions meaning that their backline of Zenyatta & Brigitte struggled dealing with the cleave damage that Kellan could deal whenever he dived in. Outside of his play on Winston he was able to help knot up the game with an excellent bit of Orisa play on Havana. Take this sequence where his Halt! sets up the elimination on Runaway’s Mercy before he’s able to do it again onto Runaway’s Zenyatta to eliminate them and clear the table for Talon to take the first point of Havana without a single teamfight.

It is with great sadness that we must now talk about Team Diamond’s 3–1 victory over Gen.G . This loss for Gen.G means that they will finish last in their group and will not appear in the playoffs. Gen.G have been disappointing all season. The team hasn’t really seemed to gel and outside of the times where Hak-yong “Stalk3r” Jeong has managed to engineer solo eliminations whilst playing Tracer. It is kind of surprising to see the team that made that magical run to the finals of Gauntlet last year go completely winless but it’s not that crazy. Only 3 members of that team still remain. This team is still immensely talented but there might need to be a bit of rejigging before next season.

BECKY! Heck yeah Team Diamond have been weird and out of sorts all season but they looked pretty good last week. Kim ”Becky” Il-ha had a fantastic game on Echo and has quietly been one of the players that has looked consistently good for Team Diamond throughout this season. This clip is my favourite where he completely flips a teamfight by using his Duplicate onto Zarya and builds a Graviton Surge to eliminate 3 and deny Gen.G the capture.

Damage: Proper(O2 Blast), Ezhan(Team CC)

Tanks: Kellan(Talon Esports), Max(Team CC)

Supports: Vigilante(Talon Esports), Yoo-min “CH0R0NG” Seong(Talon Esports)

So what should I watch this week?

Those games that we talked about earlier are all happening on Tuesday so if you’ve only interested in seeing those teams then just tune in Tuesday. As for Monday the two games there are mostly centered around seeding for the rest of the tournament. Runaway will look to secure the 3rd spot in Group B by beating Team Diamond and BECKY. In the other game WGS Phoenix have somehow managed to get bigger since we last saw them with a roster that now sports 12 players, 5 of whom are supports. Hopefully this means that damage player Seon-hyeok “Vulture” Im doesn’t have to deputize as a Flex Support and can return to his excellent Echo against Starlight Gaming.

Tapping away.